i just finished watching naruto: road to ninja and my soul is shriveled and dry

clockworksinger said: I meant one of his older banks, maybe version 3 or 1011

i guess!

1011 never got an update iirc so if you’re going to pick a dead bank, 3.0 is the way to go

Hello, I'm participating in an Overseas Producer medley and was wondering if I could use 911 for one of the songs.

from clockworksinger


I’m like, right in the middle of completely rebooting him right now so uh [waves mic] soon i guess?

finch acting like a ruthless badass in the latest episode of person of interest n im like


when i type my fingers tend to stumble over keys and when i write i’ll randomly capitalize words

im bad at all textforms

i tracked the killua zoldyck tag bc ive lost control of my life

>”Murata should redraw Mob Psycho 100!”

whenever i find a blog with a bunch of yowapedal fanart and then there’s midousuji art i become so hype i enter a separate plane of existence

please, everyone, let us come together to draw this adorable lizardmonster

going into killua zoldyck tag. apologies in advance for my sins